positions of change

One of your children has an addiction...

Your spouse is having an affair...

You want to continue working in the church but you feel that there needs to be a change in your role...


"Positions of Change".


Times such as these are when we turn to Intercessory Prayer.

At Christ Church of Neodesha we have prayer Intercessors who will help you if you are in a "Position of Change". 

Here are the steps to accomplish that:


1.) You must want change to have change.

2.) Allow the Holy Spirit to help you with that change.

3.) Go to the Lord first then the Intercessor(s): via email, note, phone call or just talk to them at church. (If you don't want to be specific just ask them to pray for you.)

4.) You continue to pray and/or fast and have the Intercessor(s) pray and/or fast for your "Position of Change" the Lord will direct them and you.

5.) Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what your "Position of Change" is.

6.) Remember when Christ Arose from the grave we were given the Holy Spirit, no longer did we need to go to a High Priest for connecting with our Lord.  The Intercessor(s) will lift you up to our Lord but the Holy Spirit will reveal to you what your Position of Change needs to be.

Galatians 6:2; 1 Timothy 2:1; Ephesians 6:10-18

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